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Stephen Parker
Experience, Wisdom, Knowledge, Professionalism

legal professional wearing blue suit with striped tie working in office on computer Stephen Parker is a former police officer turned paralegal with nearly fifty years of experience with traffic laws!  As a police officer from 1971 to 1985 and thereafter as a defender against traffic ticket charges, Stephen Parker holds almost half a century of knowledge and skills within the courtroom including a strong understanding and perspective for both sides of a traffic ticket case.

In addition to formidable expertise providing legal services on behalf of clients within the courtroom, Stephen is also a strong leader within the profession acting as an ambassador between the paralegal profession and government on many issues such as expanded scope of services so to provide the public with greater access to justice.  Over the years, Stephen has held various positions with many professional organizations.  Highly notable positions include:

  • The founding director and former president of the Professional Paralegal Association of Ontario, (PPAO);
  • The President of the Institute of Agents at Court then the Licensed Paralegals Association (Ontario);
  • The Secretary for the Institute of Agents at Court; and
  • The President of the Ontario Paralegal Association, (OPA).

Special involvements to advance the profession by way of committee participation, educational contributions, and as a voice of the profession when communicating to the government include:

  • Serving as a regular presenter of continuing education seminars for paralegals;
  • Serving on an Ad Hoc committee at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology to establish the curriculum for the Court and Tribunal Agent Programme;
  • Serving by presenting to the Cory Hearings held to set the parameters for legislation and licensing of paralegals in Ontario;
  • Serving as co-writer, with Charles Harnick, former Attorney General of Ontario and members of the Law Society of Upper Canada, on the Consultation Document on a Proposed Framework for the Regulation of Paralegals in Ontario;
  • Serving on a panel discussion on the admissibility of statements as held by the Prosecutors Association Of Ontario;
  • Serving as representative on behalf of paralegals at numerous meetings with officials from the Attorney General’s office to lobby for what would become Bill 14, the Access to Justice Act; and
  • Serving as a Professor at Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology instructing on the Highway Traffic Act and the Provincial Offences Act.

Development of Rules on Professionalism

Stephen was also appointed by the then Attorney General of Ontario, the Honourable Michael Bryant, to the first Paralegal Standing Committee of the Law Society of Upper Canada which was responsible for the creation, implementation and enforcement of the Paralegal Rules of Conduct and all aspects of the regulation of paralegals in Ontario including participating on Hearing Panels dealing with good character and other disciplinary matters.

Further, Stephen was appointed by Convocation of the Law Society of Upper Canada to the Compensation Fund committee and chair of sub-committee of the Paralegal Standing Committee formulating Trust Account rules for paralegals.

Do You Need to Know More?

The above isn't even half of Stephen's resume as the list even goes on and on; but, that is probably enough for now.  If you need to know more about why Stephen Parker is the right paralegal for your traffic ticket fight, just ask.

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