A notary public has all the powers of a commissioner for taking affidavits, and can also verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine.

Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

Instead of notarizing a document as a true copy or as containing a true signature or marks, among other notary functions, many documents instead require 'commissioning'. A commissioner for taking affidavits is empowered to administer an Oath and to witness the swearing or affirming of the Oaths as to the truth of the contents of the statements made within an affidavit or declaration. Of course, such is without saying that notarizing a document confirms that what is stated within the document is true whereas the commissioner for taking affidavits merely witnesses and confirms that the deponent, being the person who swears or affirms the Oath, states that the contents of the document are true.

A commissioner for taking affidavits cannot notarize a document of any kind.

Here Are Just Some of the Documents That You Can Get Notarized Promptly:

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Real Estate Documents

Travel Documents

Transfer of Vehicle

Immigration Documents

Affidavits of Identity

Affidavits of Income

OSAP affidavits

Statutory declarations of material status

Statutory declarations of common law status

Statutory declarations for name change applications

Statutory declarations of identity

Separation agreements

Law Society of Ontario applications for license, among other things

Ontario Court Forms – affidavits of service and affidavits of divorce

Documents for international students

and much more!

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